IBRD/World Bank

Total Contributions US$

Technical Cooperation1.2M65K469K566K-134K000500K0264K
As at 31st December 2020 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by IBRD/World Bank

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Capacity Building for Urban Resilience in Southern Africa Africa 07-Dec-2018 31-Dec-2019 Closed $500,000
Sustainable Urban Development for Children and Adolescents Colombia 01-Jun-2013 31-Aug-2016 Closed $81,000
Papua New Guinea Settlement Upgrading Programme 31-May-2013 31-Aug-2016 Closed $350,000
Dissemination of the Quick Guides for Housing the Poor in Africa 01-Jan-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $125,800
Strengthening Pacific Urban Agenda Implementation 01-Aug-2012 31-Aug-2016 Closed $349,600
Greater Apia City Development Strategy 01-Aug-2012 31-Aug-2016 Closed $237,000
Developing Guidelines on School Safety and Resilient School Building Codes in Mozambique Mozambique 01-Aug-2012 31-Aug-2016 Closed $185,499
Formulation of the Burkina Faso Country Programme Burkina Faso 01-May-2012 31-Dec-2013 Closed $75,000
Community Benefit Sharing, Assessment of Options Afghanistan 01-Apr-2012 31-Dec-2013 Closed $99,816
Cities and Climate Change Initiative, with additional focus on decentralisation, gender and youth Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Mar-2017 Closed $49,723
Livelihood assessment of flood-prone Low-income Settlements and preparation of urban policy note Sri Lanka 01-Jan-2012 31-Aug-2016 Closed $58,467
Housing Policy Advice Ministry of Public works and Housing Occupied Palestinian Territory 01-Nov-2011 30-Sep-2013 Closed $174,890
Malawi City Development Strategy and Slum Upgrading Programme - Phase I Malawi 01-Sep-2011 31-Dec-2013 Closed $175,000
Making Urban Investment Planning Work in Indonesia - Building on the Indonesian CDS Experience Indonesia 01-Apr-2011 30-Jun-2015 Closed $488,200
Quick Guide for Policymakers and Practitioners on Urban Planning for Sustainability Global 01-Oct-2010 31-Dec-2018 Closed $55,000
State of the Latin American and the Caribbean Cities Report 2010 01-Oct-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $191,000
State of the Regions' Report Series 2010 - 2012 Global 01-Jun-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $75,000
World Urban Campaign - Support For Set-up and Launch Global 01-May-2010 31-Dec-2013 Closed $250,000
Support for the completion of City Development Strategies in Cotonou (Benin), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Dakar (Senegal) 01-May-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $75,000
Documenting and Communicating Results Achieved and Lessons Learnt in the Post 2005 Earthquake Rural Housing Reconstruction Programme Pakistan 01-Jan-2010 31-Aug-2016 Closed $99,550
The Recovery and Reconstruction of Nahr El-Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp and Conflict Affected Areas of North Lebanon 01-Jan-2010 30-Jun-2010 Closed $90,000
Support to the land sector donor group in Kenya Global 23-Sep-2009 31-Dec-2012 Closed $75,000
Supporting Cities in addressing Climate Change challenges - Enhancing joint work among Cities Alliance members Global 01-Jun-2009 31-Dec-2013 Closed $175,000
Slum Upgrading and City Development Strategy for Nampula City Mozambique 01-Mar-2009 31-Dec-2012 Closed $50,000
Towards a Neighbourhood Improvement and Slum Eradication Policy in Costa Rica 01-Mar-2009 31-Aug-2016 Closed $500,000
Development and Adaptation of Quick Guides for Policy Makers on Housing the Poor in African Cities 01-Jan-2009 31-Mar-2010 Closed $193,500
City Development Strategy - Elaboration of a Full Scale Project Document 01-Dec-2008 31-Dec-2009 Closed $71,000
Pro-Poor Partnerships for Participatory Settlement Up-grading in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 01-Sep-2008 31-Dec-2010 Closed $500,000
Global Land Tool Network Global 01-Jul-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $75,000
Formulation of a City without Slum programme for Mali Mali 01-Jun-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $360,000
Preparation of a proposal on "Making urban investment planning work. Building on the Indonesia City Development Strategy process" Indonesia 01-May-2008 31-Dec-2009 Closed $75,000
Preparation of a proposal on Vietnam: City Development Strategy for Thanh Hoa City in a Regional Development Context 01-Jul-2007 31-Mar-2009 Closed $75,000
Preparation of a proposal on Nepal: Slum Upgrading Strategies and Investments Program 01-Jul-2007 31-Dec-2008 Closed $75,000
Support to Poverty focused City Development Strategy for the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte (Brazil) Brazil 01-Jun-2007 31-Dec-2008 Closed $35,000
National Solidarity Programme Afghanistan 01-Apr-2007 15-Nov-2016 Closed $4,431,493
Preparation of a proposal to support Association of Local Governments Authorities of Kenya in preparation of Cities Development Strategies and State of the Cities Report for Kenyan Urban Local Authorities Kenya 01-Apr-2007 31-Dec-2007 Closed $75,000
Development Strategy for Greater Cotonou, Benin 01-Jul-2006 31-Dec-2009 Closed $330,000
Strategy for Developing Greater Ouagadougou and Improving Basic Infrastructure and City Services in Underprivileged Areas Burkina Faso 01-Jun-2006 31-Dec-2009 Closed $330,000
Greater Dakar Urban Development Strategy Senegal 01-Jun-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed $380,000
Develop a Comprehensive City Development Strategy for the Municipality of Chisinau, Republic of Korea 01-May-2006 31-Mar-2008 Closed $71,000
Support for Urban Indicators and the Measurement of Progress towards the Millennium Development Goals Global 01-Jan-2006 31-Dec-2009 Closed $600,000
Citywide Pro-poor Ger Upgrading Strategy and Investment Plan Mongolia 03-Nov-2005 30-Jun-2011 Closed $487,005
Improving Water and Sanitation in Quelimane City, Mozambique Mozambique 01-Nov-2005 31-Dec-2009 Closed $500,000
Preparatory Assistance Proposal for Egypt Urban Sector Egypt 01-Jul-2005 30-Jul-2006 Closed $74,000
Slum Upgrading Facility Global 01-Jun-2005 31-May-2016 Closed $9,550,000
Integrated Approaches to Poverty Reduction at the Neighbourhood Level - a Cities without Slums Initiative Philippines 01-Apr-2005 31-Dec-2007 Closed $500,000
Development of Housing Micro-Finance Colombia 15-Feb-2005 31-Jul-2006 Closed $329,974
Action Plan to Upgrade All Informal Settlements in Dar es Salaam by 2015 Tanzania 01-Jan-2005 30-Sep-2008 Closed $250,000
City Upgrading Strategy for Urban Dili, Timor-Leste 01-Sep-2004 31-Aug-2005 Closed $173,320
Cities Without Slums - Towards Implementing a Support Program for the counties and ciites of western and central French Speaking Africa 02-Jun-2004 31-Dec-2008 Closed $345,221
Community Development Project, National Solidarity Programme Phase II Afghanistan 09-May-2003 15-Nov-2016 Closed $16,700,821
City Development Strategies and Local Poverty Reduction Strategic Partnership Burkina Faso 01-Apr-2003 31-Dec-2004 Closed $29,000
Cities Alliance Antananarivo Development Strategy Others 01-Jan-2003 31-Dec-2004 Closed $15,069
Production of 'La Era Urbana' Magazine Publication Global 01-Jan-2003 31-Dec-2003 Closed $35,000
Municipal Public Works Programme Global 01-Dec-2002 31-Dec-2004 Closed $2,475,000
Kabul Municipality Solid Waste Project Afghanistan 01-Oct-2002 31-Dec-2004 Closed $126,430
Design of Community Development Project Global 01-Aug-2002 31-May-2016 Closed $246,760
Vulnerability Reduction and Slum Up-Grading In Flood Prone Areas Mozambique 01-Aug-2002 15-Sep-2004 Closed $295,000
City Development Strategy for Addis Ababa, Ethopia Ethiopia 01-Jun-2002 31-Dec-2005 Closed $118,706
Anti-Poverty and Anti-Exclusion Socio-Economic Action Plan for Latin America and Caribbean Region Afghanistan 01-Mar-2002 31-Dec-2006 Closed $66,000
Koraat Sbaa Upgrading In Tetuan, Morocco Morocco 01-Jan-2002 30-Sep-2003 Closed $15,000
City Development Strategies in Hyderabad India 01-Aug-2001 31-Dec-2003 Closed $151,000
Cities Alliance Development Strategy Karu Nigeria 11-Jun-2001 31-May-2002 Closed $70,000
City Development Strategies in Indonesia Indonesia 01-Feb-2001 31-Mar-2002 Closed $270,000
Supervision of up scaling Poverty-Focused City Development Strategies in the Philippines Philippines 07-Jan-2001 31-Dec-2003 Closed $25,000
Scaling Up Community Driven Development Process in Phnom Penh 04-Jan-2001 31-Dec-2003 Closed $85,000
Slum Upgrading and City Development Strategy in Four Major Cities- Antsirabe, Mahajanga and Taomasina Afghanistan 01-Jan-2000 31-Dec-2004 Closed $24,000

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