Total Contributions US$

Technical Cooperation24K01.2M0002.7M2.5M1.0M433K873K
As at 31st December 2020 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by UN-OCHA

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Emergency Shelter Support Response to IDPs from Mosul: Provision of Emergency Shelter Kits (ESK) Iraq 01-May-2018 14-Jul-2020 Ongoing $433,001
Rapid Technical Assessment for damaged Residential buildings in Shelter Priority Neighbourhood in Aleppo 16-Aug-2017 15-Feb-2018 Closed $299,707
Housing, Land and Property Rights Response for Vulnerable People in Mosul Iraq 08-Jun-2017 31-Jan-2018 Closed $260,000
Emergency shelter support response and sealing off kits to IDPs in Iraq Iraq 08-Jun-2017 30-Nov-2017 Closed $631,835
Provision of emergency latrine and shower facilities and repair of water infrastructure in Iraq Iraq 08-Jun-2017 31-Oct-2017 Closed $400,000
Rehabilitation of critical WASH services and shelter in Kallaseh 30-Apr-2017 31-Aug-2018 Closed $935,695
Shelter Support for Internally Displaced Person's in Iraq Iraq 01-Aug-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $7,850,850
Integration of long-term Internally Displaced Persons into the host community in Bosasso 01-Dec-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $448,552
Shelter Response Construction and Rehabilitation to ensure the safe return of 175 Families affected by the Tropical depression 12E in EL Salvador 01-Sep-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $315,554
Internally Displaced Person Settlement mapping, planning and physical improvement of Internally Displaced Person settlement areas in Mogadishu, Somalia 01-Jun-2012 31-Aug-2016 Closed $405,672
Sinay-Relocated Internally Displaced Person Community Shelter Settlement Planning Project 19-May-2010 31-Dec-2010 Closed $23,979
Community Based Improvement of Basic Infrastructure Focusing on Livelihoods, Health & Sanitation - Mogadishu 15-Sep-2008 14-Mar-2009 Closed $233,440
Shelter Provision to Inhabitants of the Tsunami-Affected Town of Xafuun 01-May-2006 31-Oct-2006 Closed $150,000

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