UNDP (incl. one UN fund)

Total Contributions US$

Technical Cooperation6.6M8.1M9.6M10.5M21.0M9.3M18.9M9.4M6.3M43.8M8.1M
As at 31st December 2020 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by UNDP (incl. one UN fund)

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Support to Initiating Implementation of the Mwanza Investment Plan Tanzania 11-Nov-2020 30-Jun-2021 Ongoing $74,736
Strengthening devolved governance in Kenya Kenya 01-Oct-2019 31-Dec-2020 Ongoing $142,832
Promoting Resilient Recovery of Housing and Infrastructures in Communities Affected by Cyclones in Mozambique Mozambique 11-Sep-2019 31-Jul-2020 Ongoing $150,000
Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals Global 01-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2021 Ongoing $115,000
Establishment of area/ward development committees and capacity building Zambia 01-Aug-2019 31-Mar-2021 Ongoing $133,000
Technical Assistance for the construction a medical warehouse to UNDP as practical exercise for elaboration of guidelines to Building Code revision 18-Jul-2019 31-Dec-2021 Ongoing $92,384
State of Arab Cities Report 2020: Financing Sustainable Urbanization Bahrain 19-Jun-2019 31-Dec-2021 Ongoing $274,590
Support in organizing and Funding the conference - The African Cities: Engine for Sustainable Development Egypt 01-Jun-2019 31-Dec-2019 Closed $25,000
Scaling up Safe Street Designs in Ethiopia Ethiopia 01-May-2019 04-Sep-2020 Ongoing $200,000
Technical Assistance for the elaboration of the Principe Sustainable Development Plan - Roca Sundy, Principe 2030 (Sao Tome) 01-May-2019 31-Dec-2020 Ongoing $83,460
Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery, UN - JPLG III (Phase III) 2018 27-Mar-2019 30-Jun-2023 Ongoing $903,366
SDG Climate Facility: Climate Action for Human Security - S1-32QXB-000503 Egypt 16-Mar-2019 31-Dec-2023 Ongoing $50,000
United Nations Joint Programme to Build Urban and Rural Resilience and the Conditions for Recovery 15-Jan-2019 14-Jan-2022 Ongoing $3,433,412
Midnimo II (Unity) – Support for the Attainment of Durable Solutions in Areas Impacted by Displacement and Returns in Galmudug and Hirshabelle States 01-Jan-2019 14-Jun-2021 Ongoing $472,500
Supporting Recovery and Stability through Local Development in Iraq, LADP III Iraq 01-Jan-2019 31-Dec-2023 Ongoing $20,314,831
Dhulka Nabaada (Land of Peace): Land Reform in Somalia 14-Dec-2018 31-Dec-2021 Ongoing $597,681
Enhancing Women's Access to Land to Consolidate Peace in South Sudan South Sudan 01-Dec-2018 30-May-2020 Closed $1,000,000
Initial Framework for Reconstruction of Mosul, Iraq Iraq 01-Aug-2018 15-Dec-2018 Closed $159,326
Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery phase III 31-Jul-2018 30-Jun-2023 Ongoing $1,367,763
Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery, UN - Phase III 01-Jul-2018 30-Jun-2023 Ongoing $635,306
Rohingya Crisis Myanmar 05-Jun-2018 31-Jul-2018 Closed $21,400
Partnership of UNDP and UN-Habitat Sy Capacity Development in Municipal Planning 04-Apr-2018 31-Dec-2018 Closed $266,864
Technical Assistance for Integration of resilience dimension into Strategic Sector Sustainable Development Plans 20-Feb-2018 31-Jan-2019 Closed $140,311
Youth Political Empowerment: enabling Somali young women and men to meaningfully engage in governance, peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts 01-Feb-2018 30-Sep-2020 Ongoing $369,706
Strengthening the Long-Term Resilience of Subnational Authorities in countries affected by the Syrian and Iraqi Crises 01-Jan-2018 31-Dec-2022 Ongoing $14,029,560
Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Programme (IPSM) Phase II Iraq 17-Dec-2017 31-Dec-2019 Closed $900,000
Enabling Somali Young to engage in governance, peace building & Reconcilliation 01-Dec-2017 20-May-2019 Closed $863,859
Housing Policies and Practices for Sustainable Urban Development- Kingdom of Bahrain Bahrain 16-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2019 Closed $120,000
"Pamoja Kwa Amani"Together for Peace in South Irumu 07-Aug-2017 06-Aug-2019 Closed $1,496,000
Land Governance, Social Cohesion, Socio-economic Reintegration and Gender-Based Violence Prevention in the priority zone "Kitshangaâ". 07-Aug-2017 06-Aug-2019 Closed $1,279,429
Capacity Building and Training Activities in Iran (CBTAP) Iran 01-Jul-2017 30-Jun-2018 Closed $6,504
Programme d'appui a la reforme fonciere 24-Apr-2017 31-Dec-2020 Ongoing $2,000,000
Catalytic Support to Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 01-Apr-2017 30-Sep-2018 Closed $417,069
Technical Cooperation for Long-Term Capacity Building of Syrian Experts Global 01-Apr-2017 31-Mar-2018 Closed $420,531
Empowering, Reintegrating and Strengthening Capacities of 500 Youth in Guinea 01-Jan-2017 30-Jun-2018 Closed $273,920
upport for the Attainment of Durable Solutions in Areas Impacted by Displacement and Returns in Jubaland and South West States 01-Jan-2017 30-Nov-2018 Closed $1,080,000
Midnimo (Unity) - Support for the Attainment of Durable Solutions in Areas Impacted by Displacement and Returns in Jubaland and South West States 01-Jan-2017 30-Sep-2020 Ongoing $770,000
An integrated approach to re-establish the State-Citizen link in Jubbaland and South West State of Somalia. 01-Jan-2017 30-Jun-2018 Closed $468,367
Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery, UN-JPLG (Phase II) 01-Jan-2017 31-Dec-2017 Closed $422,576
An Integrated approach to re-establish the State-Citizen link in Somalia 01-Dec-2016 30-Jun-2019 Closed $468,367
Iraq Urban Recovery Programme Iraq 01-Jul-2016 30-Jun-2017 Closed $3,738,312
Emergency shelter relief for flood affected families in Colombo and Gampaha Districts in Western Province, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 07-Jun-2016 15-Feb-2017 Closed $30,000
Upgrading Water and Sanitation Systems Incorporating Skills-Based Training and Employment for Youth in Ebola-Affected Slum Communities 01-Feb-2016 31-Jan-2018 Closed $246,100
Assessment and Technical Support to Darfur Land Commission and Addressing Land Concern at Return Sites Sudan 01-Jan-2016 31-Dec-2020 Ongoing $14,180,748
Federal Government of Somalia and United Nations Joint Programme on Youth Employment 29-Sep-2015 31-Dec-2018 Closed $393,231
Enhancing capacity for pro-poor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene governance at provincial, district and commune levels in Cambodia 01-Aug-2015 31-Dec-2018 Closed $231,856
Enhancing capacity for pro-poor WASH governance at provincial, district and commune levels in Cambodia 01-Aug-2015 30-Jun-2020 Ongoing $28,141
Improving community resilience by strengthening Sustainable Livelihoods through concerted actions to facilitate access to land and securing land use in Madagascar Madagascar 01-Jul-2015 31-Dec-2017 Closed $1,546,820
Enhancing for pro-poor WASH governance through improved decision-making and performance management, Lao PDR LAO 01-Jul-2015 31-Jul-2020 Ongoing $74,900
Enhancing for pro-poor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene governance through improved decision-making and performance management LAO 01-Jul-2015 31-Dec-2018 Closed $240,450
Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery - Phase II 15-Jun-2015 31-Dec-2024 Ongoing $68,931
Empowering Women for Women - Access to Land for Sustainable Peace in Nepal 01-Mar-2015 31-Dec-2017 Closed $251,118
Establishing a Building Control Regime of Kurdistan Region of Iraq Iraq 04-Jan-2015 31-Mar-2016 Closed $380,000
Supporting Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Developing more Synergised, Cohesive and Inclusive Disraster Risk Management Policies Pakistan 01-Jan-2015 31-Mar-2017 Closed $201,207
Local Area Development Programme II Iraq 01-Jan-2015 31-Dec-2017 Closed $2,101,048
Integrated Stabilization Project in the North Kalehe in the Province of South Kivu 01-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed $1,067,681
Peace is the Way to Development 01-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed $890,594
Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in tourism sector development in Jordan Jordan 03-Aug-2014 31-May-2016 Closed $52,000
Support to Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development for Poverty Reduction in Kenya Joint Programme Kenya 23-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $89,233
Urban Development and Habitat III Improvement Project Chad 01-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed $408,205
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Disaster Prone Communities In Northern Ghana Ghana 01-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2018 Closed $6,080,533
Urban Resilience Support Project Chad 01-Feb-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $1,438,000
Recovery Planning Support for Local Government Units in the Philippines in the Wake of Typhoon Yolanda - Phase I Philippines 01-Feb-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $250,113
Building Flood Risk Reduction Capacity in Lusaka City Zambia 01-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $366,000
Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction, Bangladesh 31-Dec-2013 31-Dec-2017 Closed $167,192
Mainstreaming Multi-sectoral Urban Planning Framework and Governance in Vietnam through Policy Dialogues - Phase II 31-Dec-2013 20-Dec-2017 Closed $450,000
Strengthening Urban safety in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 31-Dec-2013 08-Jan-2015 Closed $17,902
Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities 11-Oct-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $369,966
Facilitating the Formulation and Implementation of Sao Paulo Macro Metropolis Action Plan and Its Portfolio Projects Brazil 04-Oct-2013 01-Dec-2017 Closed $10,965
Support to the establishment of a land disputes prevention and resolution system in Liberia - Phase I 01-Oct-2013 31-Dec-2016 Closed $2,000,000
Preliminary studies for Phase I Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan Colombia 01-Oct-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $44,337
Support and Assistance of the Mayor of the Office of Medellin in the Municipal Development Plan of Construyamos unidos a hogar para la vida Colombia 20-Sep-2013 31-Dec-2016 Closed $480,000
Integrated Land Reinforcement and Community Recovery Program in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 01-Sep-2013 31-Dec-2016 Closed $643,997
Prevention and resolution of land conflicts in areas of displacement and return to Masisi territory, Province of North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo 01-Sep-2013 31-Dec-2016 Closed $618,164
Support for the sustainable return and reintegration of returnees and returnees through the prevention and mediation of land disputes 01-Aug-2013 15-Sep-2016 Closed $580,000
State of Colombian Cities Report Colombia 01-Jul-2013 18-Nov-2017 Closed $158,972
Formulating the National Policy for the System of Cities and institutional strengthening for the Association of Colombian Capital Cities. Colombia 01-Apr-2013 31-Dec-2017 Closed $77,501
Catalytic Support on Land Issues 01-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2016 Closed $481,500
Popular Economy of the Agglomeration Areas in Bogota Colombia 04-Feb-2013 02-Jun-2017 Closed $1,000,000
Capacity Building in the City Of Santa Marta for Sustainable Urban Development Colombia 04-Feb-2013 30-Jun-2017 Closed $53,079
Wastewater Management and Water Quality Sub-Consultation of the Post-2015 Water Thematic Consultation Global 01-Feb-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $58,957
Peace Building in Darfur through Resource Management and Livelihoods Sudan 15-Jan-2013 31-Aug-2017 Closed $1,293,417
Iraq Public Sector Modernization Programme - Phase II Iraq 01-Jan-2013 31-Dec-2018 Closed $2,263,947
Development and Territorial Planning Madagascar 01-Jan-2013 31-Oct-2016 Closed $495,460
Strengthening Urban Observatory and Statistical Systems for Urban Evident-based Development and Planning Policies in Vietnam 12-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017 Closed $300,000
Social Cohesion and Peace Building Programme - Peshawar Torkham Expressway Pakistan Pakistan 01-Dec-2012 31-Oct-2016 Closed $55,000
Piloting an Inclusive and Participatory Land Readjustment in Colombia for Sustainable Urban Development at Scale Colombia 01-Dec-2012 30-Apr-2017 Closed $800,000
Pacific Cities and Climate Change Regional Programme 01-Oct-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $54,975
Developing Guidelines on School Safety and Resilient School Building Codes in Mozambique Mozambique 01-Aug-2012 31-Aug-2016 Closed $100,000
Building Back Safer Early Recovery Pilot Project for Sihara 01-Aug-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $60,000
Mainstreaming Strategic Planning Frameworks for City Development Strategy through Leadership Training 15-Jul-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $150,000
Prevention, Mediation and Follow-Up of Land Based Conflicts in Djugu,Mweso and Masisi in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 01-Jul-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $121,550
Safer Cities free of violence against Women and Girls in Egypt Egypt 01-Jun-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $90,000
Towards Sustainable Solutions for Improved Living Conditions of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon 01-Apr-2012 31-Dec-2016 Closed $1,000,000
Promotion of Pro-poor Land and Housing - Sustainable Housing, Slum Upgrading and Community Development Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2016 Closed $50,000
Water and Sanitation Trust Fund - Governance, Advocacy and. Leadership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme LAO 01-Oct-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $216,822
Post-Cyclone Giri Community-Based Emergency and Early Recovery Initiative Myanmar 01-Jul-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $931,214
Debris Management in Support to the Return Home of Populations Affected By the Earthquake in Port-Au-Prince Haiti 01-Jun-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $2,611,500
Geographical information system Automation and Capacity Building Support for Census Pakistan 01-Jun-2011 31-Jul-2016 Closed $150,000
UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery Sudan 01-Jan-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $1,056,707
Gestation of debris in precarious neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince Haiti 01-Jan-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $1,598,326
Support to the formulation of a project document on Housing and Urban Development Policy in Gabon Gabon 01-Jan-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $17,716
Support to Living with Floods in Chikwawa District, Lower Shire Valley, Malawi Malawi 01-Nov-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $200,000
Housing, Land and Property Interventions in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 01-Oct-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $921,761
Consolidating Peace in Guatemala through Violence Prevention and Conflict Management Guatemala 01-Sep-2010 31-Aug-2016 Closed $226,857
Census Project Pakistan 11-Aug-2010 31-Dec-2010 Closed $9,000
UN Joint Programme on Gender Equality in Uganda Uganda 01-Jul-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $74,900
Urban Household Sanitation Improvement Project, Lilongwe City, Malawi Malawi 01-Jul-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $190,000
Security with Citizenship in Brazilian Communities Brazil 01-Jul-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $29,340
Preparatory Support To Rise Building Back Safer Houses In West Sumatra Indonesia 16-Jun-2010 31-Dec-2010 Closed $60,000
Support for the completion of City Development Strategies in Cotonou (Benin), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Dakar (Senegal) 01-May-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $51,295
Sustainable Urbanization and Sustainable Energy Construction Pakistan 01-Feb-2010 31-Aug-2016 Closed $790,140
Basrah Governance Support Project Iraq 01-Feb-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $105,508
One UN Joint Programme Disaster Risk Management Pakistan 02-Dec-2009 31-Aug-2016 Closed $621,750
Municipal Spatial Planning In the Preparatory Assistance To Sustainable Development Project In Dragash/Dragas 01-Oct-2009 30-Apr-2010 Closed $75,000
Water and Sanitation Improvement in Informal Settlements through Gender Mainstreaming And Empowerment Of Local Authority Pakistan 01-Oct-2009 31-Dec-2013 Closed $976,700
Integrated Shelter Assistance for 225 Landless Households affected by the Koshi Floods 15-Sep-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $305,765
Training For Improved Municipal Solid Waste Management Indonesia 01-Sep-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $765,456
Support to Development of Low-Income Housing Policy and Strategy for Vietnamese Cities 01-Aug-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $463,001
Quang Nam Provincial Development Strategy 01-Aug-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $439,000
Urban Observatory System in Vietnam 01-Aug-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $299,999
Cape Verde Local Urban Development Program within the framework of One UN Program Cape Verde 01-Jul-2009 31-Dec-2012 Closed $500,279
Convivial Networks, Communities without Fear 02-Jun-2009 28-Feb-2013 Closed $316,334
Strengthening County Institutional Capacity For Service Delivery 01-May-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $600,000
Affordable Housing For All Maldives 01-Apr-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $50,000
Governance in the water and sanitation sector in Ecuador within the Framework of the Millenium Development Goals Ecuador 01-Mar-2009 31-Aug-2016 Closed $685,870
Support to Establishment And Initial Functioning Of The Land Commission Liberia 01-Feb-2009 31-Jul-2010 Closed $750,000
Post Disaster Housing Coordination Project Sri Lanka 01-Feb-2009 30-May-2010 Closed $50,000
Preparation of Guidelines on Post-Conflict Land, Tenure and Property Issues Global 01-Feb-2009 06-Jun-2010 Closed $160,812
Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Myanmar 01-Jan-2009 31-May-2010 Closed $459,542
Support to the States Programme, Southern Sudan -Urban Management Component Output 4 Phase II Sudan 01-Jan-2009 31-Dec-2011 Closed $245,403
UN Participation of the World Exposition Shanghai China 2010 Global 01-Jan-2009 30-Nov-2010 Closed $124,184
Strengthening Municipal Capacities in Local Human Development Planning In Costa Rica 01-Dec-2008 31-Dec-2012 Closed $450,433
Documentation of the Non-State Actors Involved in Community Driven Development and Recovery in South Sudan Sudan 01-Nov-2008 31-Mar-2009 Closed $234,095
Community Awareness Component of Public Works Programme Component of the Rapid Impact Emergency Project in South Sudan Sudan 01-Nov-2008 31-Mar-2009 Closed $167,134
Development of Project Activities to Support the Re-Integration of Liberian Refugees Voluntary Returning to Liberia 10-Oct-2008 10-Dec-2008 Closed $14,860
Development of Post-Conflict Land Guidelines Global 01-Oct-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $125,000
Liberia Local Government Leadership Programme 11-Sep-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $39,250
Strategic Development in Greater Cairo Region Egypt 01-Aug-2008 30-Dec-2017 Closed $602,801
Integrated Support to the Rehabilitation of Nahr El Bared camp adjacent area, Lebanon 01-Aug-2008 31-Dec-2009 Closed $295,020
Support to Zimbabwe Local Government Association And Strengthening Citizen Participation In Urban Local Governance Zimbabwe 01-Jul-2008 31-Dec-2012 Closed $92,500
Urban Development Program of Rwanda within the framework of the One UN program Rwanda 01-Jul-2008 31-Mar-2019 Closed $3,432,723
Preliminary scoping assessment on conflict related land and property disputes in Nepal 01-Jul-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $10,000
Joint Programme - Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness Mozambique 01-Jun-2008 11-Oct-2016 Closed $894,031
Joint Programme -Support to Decentralization and Integrated Local Development Mozambique 01-Jun-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $584,812
Support for participants to attend International Youth Crime prevention and Cities Summit, Durban Global 01-Jun-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $50,000
Enhancing the recovery of Nahr el Bared Surrounding community 01-Jun-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $82,699
Family-Based Actions for Children and their Environs in the Slums Philippines 02-May-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $6,000
Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction 01-May-2008 31-Oct-2016 Closed $18,522,300
Local Economic Development. Letter of Agreement, Moldova 03-Apr-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $13,952
Eastern Cape Provincial Spatial Development Plan South Africa 01-Apr-2008 31-Dec-2011 Closed $515,738
Support to Implement the Sri Lankan Urbanization Framework Sri Lanka 01-Jan-2008 31-Jan-2010 Closed $40,000
Joint Programme on Environment Mainstreaming and Adaptation to Climate Change Mozambique 01-Jan-2008 31-Oct-2016 Closed $865,750
Formulation of the Urban EPM in the Philippine: A Learning Resource Philippines 01-Dec-2007 31-Dec-2007 Closed $18,000
Technical Advice and Policy Support to the Development of the law on Lagalization of Illegal Buildings and to the Establishment of a Digital Database of Urban Plans 01-Dec-2007 31-Dec-2008 Closed $14,976
Technical support to Post-conflict Housing Development Timor-Leste 01-Dec-2007 31-Dec-2008 Closed $12,006
Urban Governance Support Programme 01-Nov-2007 31-Oct-2008 Closed $12,000
Disaster Management Programme - Geneva InterAgency Standing Committee Operations Global 25-Oct-2007 31-Oct-2008 Closed $110,000
Support the States Programme in South Sudan Sudan 01-Oct-2007 31-Mar-2008 Closed $142,628
Sustainable Shelter Assistance to the Extremely Vulnerable Individuals left behind in Former Internally Displaced Persons' Camps Uganda 01-Oct-2007 30-Jun-2009 Closed $23,484
UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery 01-Sep-2007 31-Dec-2016 Closed $2,637,858
Rapid Emergency Project - Public Works Programme Component Sudan 01-Aug-2007 31-Dec-2007 Closed $60,000
National Programme for EcoCity Network in Korea Republic of Korea 01-Apr-2007 31-Mar-2009 Closed $80,025
Disaster Management Program-Early Recovery Cluster Global 01-Apr-2007 31-Dec-2010 Closed $191,000
Implementation of the Habitat Agenda in Colombia Colombia 01-Dec-2006 31-Dec-2012 Closed $384,663
Localizing the Millenium Development Goals in Philippine Cities Project Philippines 01-Nov-2006 31-Dec-2008 Closed $64,319
Somalia Urban Development Programme 01-Nov-2006 31-May-2016 Closed $188,097
Urgent Damage Assessment and Recovery Planning Timor-Leste 01-Oct-2006 31-May-2016 Closed $51,067
High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor Kenya 01-Aug-2006 31-Dec-2007 Closed $34,950
Needs Assessment for a Sustainable Urban Habitat in Bogota Colombia 01-Jul-2006 30-Jun-2007 Closed $97,000
Sustainable Options for Livelihood Security in Easten Sudan Sudan 01-Jun-2006 31-May-2016 Closed $237,633
Sudan Sustainable Settlements Programe - Phase I: Assessment in Bent Sudan 01-May-2006 31-Dec-2007 Closed $80,000
Technical Assistance in definition of a strategy to implement process of participatory budgeting at local level and coordination of pilot projects in four localities Colombia 01-Mar-2006 31-Dec-2008 Closed $607,776
Support Programme to Initiate Local Environmental Agenda in Localities in Bogota Colombia 15-Feb-2006 31-Dec-2008 Closed $278,051
Preparation for Phase 2 UNDP/UN Habitat Project on Local Partnerships 01-Feb-2006 31-May-2016 Closed $178,384
Garowe Training Programme 01-Dec-2005 30-Jun-2006 Closed $29,860
Construction of Community Infrastructure for Tsunami Victims, Vadali Sri Lanka 01-Nov-2005 31-May-2016 Closed $239,029
Support to the Planning, Design and Setting in Motion of a Network of observatories within the office of the Secretary of Government of Bogota Colombia 01-Nov-2005 31-May-2016 Closed $100,000
Reconstruction of Housing and Community Infrastructure Sri Lanka 01-Oct-2005 31-May-2016 Closed $665,043
Emergency Shelter Response and Recovery for the Tsunami Affected People Maldives 01-Jul-2005 31-May-2016 Closed $1,580,448
Sustainable Options for Livelihood Security in Eastern Sudan Sudan 01-Jun-2005 28-Dec-2006 Closed $99,920
Aceh Settlements Support Programme Indonesia 01-Mar-2005 31-Jan-2009 Closed $25,514,368
Community Based Disaster Awareness and Mitigation Programme Afghanistan 01-Oct-2004 31-Dec-2005 Closed $59,520
Institutional Development and Capacity Building of the Urban Planning Agency Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 01-Jan-2002 31-Dec-2019 Closed $3,520,767
UN Habitat Fukuoka Office Local Initiative Fund Japan 01-Jan-2000 31-Dec-2018 Closed $9,509
Urban Management Programme - Phase III Global 01-Dec-1999 31-May-2016 Closed $95,152

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