Total Contributions US$

Technical Cooperation3.0M842K1.0M4.9M3.5M749K195K00079K
As at 31st December 2020 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by UNHCR

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Urban Shelter and Settlements Response Guidance Global 18-Oct-2019 30-Mar-2020 Closed $192,600
Settlement Planning Support For Better Living Conditions In Humanitarian Contexts (Phase I) Rohingya Crisis In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh; Global 01-May-2019 30-Sep-2019 Closed $28,732
Settlement Planning Support for Better Living Condition in Humanitarian context Global 16-Nov-2018 28-Feb-2019 Closed $89,270
Support to Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities in South Lebanon 01-Nov-2017 31-Dec-2018 Closed $195,050
Enhancing coordination of humanitarian shelter 01-Jan-2016 31-Dec-2016 Closed $147,402
Support to municipalities and Unions of Municipalities to Respond to Emergency Needs resulted from the Syrian refugees Crisis in South Lebanon 01-Nov-2015 15-Mar-2017 Closed $285,155
Jordan Affordable Housing Programme Jordan 01-Oct-2015 31-Mar-2017 Closed $66,340
Shelter and Infrastructure Support for Non-Camp Refugees Iraq 01-Feb-2014 31-Dec-2014 Closed $2,500,155
Integrative neighbourhood development in refugee hosting area, Faisal, Cairo Egypt 22-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2014 Closed $54,118
Enhancing the Role of Union of Municipalities to Respond to Refugees' and Host Communities' Needs 01-Jan-2014 31-Oct-2016 Closed $804,960
Shelter Needs Assessment and Shelter Options for Internally Displaced Persons 27-Nov-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $67,443
Facilitating Private Sector Investment in Durable Solutions in Iraq Iraq 07-Oct-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $150,000
Shelter and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Support for non-camp Refugees in Iraq Iraq 22-Sep-2013 31-May-2016 Closed $1,108,357
Shelter Cluster Regional Focal Point for the Americans 01-Sep-2013 31-Dec-2014 Closed $118,044
Slum Upgrading and Sustainable Housing Development in two Settlements, in South and West Darfur - Sudan Sudan 30-Mar-2012 31-Dec-2012 Closed $904,220
Toward Refugee-Host Fusion Local Government Pakistan 01-Sep-2011 31-Jul-2016 Closed $200,000
Human Settlements and Crisis Programme Global 01-Apr-2011 31-Aug-2016 Closed $80,000
Halabokad Permanent Shelter and Social Infrastructure 02-Feb-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $169,908
Internally Displaced Persons And Communities Affected By The Floods In Pakistan Pakistan 01-Nov-2010 31-Dec-2010 Closed $781,047
Housing, Land and Property Interventions in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 01-Sep-2010 31-Dec-2010 Closed $69,240
Slum Upgrading and Sustainable Housing Development in Sakali Settlement, Nyala, Southern Darfur, Sudan Sudan 01-Aug-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $468,906
Shelter Assistance to Returnees in Conflict Affected Areas in North-West Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas - Phase II Pakistan 01-Apr-2010 31-Dec-2011 Closed $1,456,461
Capacity Building for Land Conflict Management in South Sudan South Sudan 01-Apr-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $320,572
Sustainable Urbanization and Sustainable Energy Construction Pakistan 01-Feb-2010 31-Aug-2016 Closed $20,000
Shelter Assistance To Returnees In Conflict-Affected Areas In The North Western Frontier Province Of Pakistan, Pilot Project Pakistan 01-Jan-2010 30-Apr-2010 Closed $196,254
Translation of the Handbook on Housing and Property Restitution for Refugees and Displaced Persons Global 01-Oct-2008 28-Feb-2009 Closed $19,260
Housing, Land and Property Interventions in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to Facilitate Returns of Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees and Improve the Land Administration 01-Sep-2008 31-Oct-2017 Closed $101,641
Early Recovery Shelter for IDPs in the Batticaloa District Sri Lanka 01-Mar-2008 31-Oct-2008 Closed $244,473
Support to Upgrading of Community Infrastructure in Mogadishu target 01-Dec-2007 30-Sep-2008 Closed $109,306
Provision of Streetlights for Eastern Bosasso in Areas of Internally Displaced Person Resettlement 01-Dec-2006 31-May-2008 Closed $59,972
Capacity Building for Effective Shelter Delivery Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 01-Jun-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed $120,159
Sustainable Options for Livelehood Security in Eastern Sudan Sudan 01-Jan-2006 31-Mar-2009 Closed $833,558
Sustainable Options for Livelihood Security in Eastern Sudan Sudan 01-Jun-2005 28-Dec-2006 Closed $427,948
Support for Coexistence Initiative in Bamyan Afghanistan 01-May-2005 31-Dec-2005 Closed $53,479
Continuing Support for a People's Rebuilding Process in Kabul Afghanistan 01-Feb-2004 31-Dec-2004 Closed $196,534
Kabul Municipality Solid Waste Project Afghanistan 01-Oct-2002 31-Dec-2004 Closed $178,228

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