United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


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Total Contributions US$

Technical Cooperation0138K11K0000000826K
As at 31st December 2020 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Supporting Water Operator Partnerships Phase III Global 27-Aug-2018 31-Dec-2020 Ongoing $342,240
Boosting Effectiveness in Water Operators' Partnerships Global 01-Aug-2013 15-Jul-2019 Closed $811,271
Improvement Of 29 School Buildings In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan 17-Jan-2011 31-Dec-2011 Closed $137,715
Water and Sanitation Improvement in Informal Settlements through Gender Mainstreaming And Empowerment Of Local Authority Pakistan 01-Oct-2009 31-Dec-2013 Closed $10,700
Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme Global 15-Jan-1997 31-Aug-2016 Closed $5,000

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